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How can children’s passion for football and VfL Wolfsburg be combined with educational content from school and everyday life in exciting, motivating and modern ways? How can football be used to facilitate understanding of academic topics? Answering these questions is the aim of VfL-Wiki, an innovative e-learning platform launched by VfL Wolfsburg in 2011 which enables children aged between eight and sixteen to take part in creative projects on the Internet. Thanks to its wide range of interactive exercises and simple setup, VfL-Wiki has already helped to motivate many students. Teaching material on subjects such as mathematics, German, general and social sciences, and P.E. can be presented in new ways with the help of innovative teaching tools. A key benefit of this is that it provides students with a new and, most importantly, engaging way of accessing topics. When creating their Wiki content, they deepen their understanding of the subject, take part in fun and creative activities with their classmates, and develop their media skills in a safe environment. Youngsters are getting to know VfL-Wiki in free, two-hour workshops in a total of 40 schools as well as in the club’s own classroom. They can practice programming the Wiki syntax using set characteristics, as well as handling their personal data in a public domain. The programme is designed to produce students who can independently manage their learning on the VfL- Wiki platform while supporting and motivating each other. Above all, though, it is about fun and participation with football as the motivator.

Main Objectives:

  • To increase motivation for learning
  • To nurture media skills
  • To encourage internet safety

Nico Briskorn, Head of CSR
+49 5361 8903 450


Project information page (German)
VfL Wolfsburg CSR page


VfL Wolfsburg is one of the biggest influencers in the region. With VfL- Wiki, a part of the broader ‘Moving Together’ initiative, it has established a unique interactive e-learning platform that realises the club’s potential to promote education. It integrates motivating factors from the world of football with modern classroom concepts, encourages teamwork among students and ensures more fun in learning.